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Alexandra Athanassiades

Spring, 2012.

Video:  Athens Living

Benaki Museum

Short video showing the excellent work of Alexandra Athanassiades, as exhibited at the Benaki Museum in Athens (2009).

A.A. Paris 2012

Video showing the creation of the body of work shown in Gallery Dutko.

Video:  Josef Tupay

Galerie Dutko

Exposition de l'artiste Alexandra Athanassiades à la galerie Dutko.
Du 22 Mars au 26 Mai 2012

Video: Gregoire Couvert

Studio Visit 2009

The Other Greece

"The Other Greece", showing at Kouros Gallery, New York from April 5-28, 2012.

EOT "Visit Greece"

Greek National Tourist Board video featuring Alexandra Athanassiades' work

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